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Testimonials & Reviews

Our vision of service & support far exceeds current industry practices. Let DSA help you achieve greater efficiencies and savings from your ETD security operations.

Thanks for your support. Your company is “our favorite”. We love your company and staff. Because everyone cares about the customer, fast response and excellent team to work. THE BEST OF THE BEST.


You are awesome. I am also very thankful to hear you answer my call!!


I received the package today. Very impressed with the quality of this item. Thank you for your wonderful customer service.


Thanks Sara, you all have been amazing. I will be reaching back out soon. Have a great night.


I was very impressed by the knowledge, experience, and professionalism of your ETD training, with a combined 45 years of security and cargo screening service background; I thought we were more than equipped to provide an excellent security service in general. However, after spending hours in the classroom AND on the job training with the instructors, I can easily say everyone in the cargo screening security field can benefit from a few classes with these guys. I've "been there, done that" for plenty of this stuff, but I learned more from this training - that's awesome.

Thank you for your professionalism and great class.


Thanks a lot. I didn't expect a weekend response...I really appreciate it!


Many, many thanks for your excellent customer service. By far the best I have ever come across. Credit where credit is due.


Boy, I do love working with you guys/gals. You’re quick and efficient! I never have to request an invoice, unlike "other" operations. Consider this your compliment for the day. You deserve it.


When I choose a supplier I look for quality, service and cost, DSA has all three. I’ve tried products from other suppliers; I may have saved some money but the quality and/or service was lacking or not existent. I place an order with DSA on Tuesday and my order shows up on Thursday. I don’t have to rush or expedite supplies from DSA when my usage increases and inventory is low, the other guys I pay rush charges or have to wait a week. Thanks Dave and all of DSA!


Hello, Yes, I received my order. Your company is number one in my book. Good service, good products. Many Thanks & Kind Regards


Tim, Thank you for your excellent customer service! You are very responsive and know your business. I appreciate working with you.


Hi Lourdes, All received. Thanks again. You are a star.


It was really a pleasure to meet you finally. You have always impressed me with your positive help. All of you are spectacular. It was very important to have this meeting because it improves our knowledge of all your products and projects. Thank you for all your attention.


We have a new purchaser coming aboard. How do I get him a log-in to DSA’s beautiful new web page?


I would just like to say a huge thank you to yourself and your team. I have never had a delivery turn up so fast.


I have been making a lot of contacts in cargo will be sending them your way. I know we are competitors however, we don’t make anything but the swabs and there is no reason for these companies to pay a GE vendor outrageous prices when they can come to you. I still have to fight for the swab business but I will send them to you for items we don’t make, and or other consumables. I think there is enough business to go around and ultimately I’d like the customers to get what they need for less. Today I have referred ... and ... Take good care of them!

A competitor

As always, thanks for the great customer service and understanding.


I love the company and their response time on the purchases.The only thing I want to suggest is that maybe on your saved cart we can actually put in the amounts on each line and enter "buy now" button and all the lines go in at the same time and not have to do this item per item. Other than that, your company is awesome.


Mr. Rutter, Thank you very much for your visit. Obviously you care about your customers and meeting their needs. I hope your visit to the islands was a pleasant one. Aloha

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