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DSA’s consumables for the IONSCAN™ 400B are user-friendly and guaranteed to perform equal to or better than those produced by the OEM. DSA produces the only Safety Act Designated consumables, with all verification and sample media tested and re-approved by the United States Department of Homeland Security Laboratory on a quarterly basis throughout the last 10 years.

The Smiths Detection IONSCAN™ 400B requires verification to ensure accurate detection. DSA Detection produces these and all 400B consumables in small batches, testing each batch, every time, with the highest of standards. The packaging of DSA’s verification tokens and sample swabs has been engineered to fit perfectly inside our optional dispensing box for the busiest security checkpoints to ensure the product is free from contamination.

DSA also offers IONSCAN™ 400B accessories and replacement parts to lower the cost of owning the instrument and to improve efficiencies in any security checkpoint. Trace instruments are affected by even the smallest amount of debris or humidity, which is why frequent replacement of purification parts such as fan filters, dopants, and tubing is essential. Checkpoint accessories (screening bins, bowls, carts, isopropyl alcohol, etc.) are also available.

  1. Sample Swabs (200ct) | DSA Detection SSW5883P

    Sample Swabs (200ct)

    Part Number: SSW5883P

  2. Sample Swabs (200ct), N-Mode | DSA Detection SSW5884P

    Sample Swabs (200ct), N-Mode

    Part Number: SSW5884P

  3. Verification Pen, Single | DSA Detection SVP2602

    Verification Pen

    Part Number: SVP2602

  4. Sample Swabs/Traps Box

    Sample Swabs/Traps Box

    Part Number: SBX1100

    DHS Accepted

  5. IONSCAN 400B Hand Wand | DSA Detection P/N SHW1340

    Hand Wand

    Part Number: SHW1340

  1. Radiation Leak Test Kit | DSA Detection LT0001

    Leak Test Kit

    Part Number: LT0001

  2. Condenser Tube

    Condenser Tube

    Part Number: SCT5030

  3. SFF1654 Foam Filter

    Foam Filter

    Part Number: SFF1654

  4. SFF3222 Behind Bottle Foam Filter

    Behind Bottle Foam Filter

    Part Number: SFF3222

  5. SFG0280 Fan Guard, 4-Prong

    Fan Guard, 4-Prong

    Part Number: SFG0280

  6. SFK9230 IONSCAN 400B Filter Kit

    Filter Kit

    Part Number: SFK9230

  7. IONSCAN 400B LLAPU Indicating Bottle | SLL4086 DSA Detection

    LLAPU Indicating Bottle

    Part Number: SLL4086

  8. LLAPU Tank Kit

    LLAPU Tank Kit

    Part Number: SLT2599

    DHS Approved

  9. O-ring, Viton .208ID | DSA Detection Part Number SOR3730

    O-ring, Viton .208ID

    Part Number: SOR3730

    DHS Accepted

  10. O-ring, Viton .364ID

    O-ring, Viton .364ID

    Part Number: SOR5330

    DHS Accepted

  11. O-ring, Viton 2-011 | DSA Detection Part Number SOR7530

    O-ring, Viton 2-011

    Part Number: SOR7530

    DHS Accepted

  12. Printer Paper, IONSCAN™ 400B

    Printer Paper (pkg of 10)

    Part Number: SPP0600

    DHS Approved

  13. Printer Paper, Intl

    Printer Paper, Intl

    Part Number: SPP0601

  14. Printer Ribbon | DSA Detection SPR3800

    Printer Ribbon

    Part Number: SPR3800

    DHS Accepted

  15. Printer Ribbon, Intl | DSA Detection SPR3822

    Printer Ribbon, Intl

    Part Number: SPR3822

  16. Swab Sampler Velcro Loop (10ct) | DSA Detection SSD5278

    Swab Sampler Disk (10ct)

    Part Number: SSD5278

  17. Sample Ring (50ct) | DSA Detection SSR1223

    Sample Ring (50ct)

    Part Number: SSR1223

  18. LLAPU Tank Gasket | DSA Detection STG1181

    LLAPU Tank Gasket

    Part Number: STG1181

  19. PTFE Tubing

    PTFE Tubing

    Part Number: TU8043

  1. ETD Mobile Powered Workstation | DSA Detection CMW4000

    ETD Mobile Workstation (powered)

    Part Number: CMW4000

    DHS Accepted

  2. ETD Mobile Workstation (non-powered) | DSA Detection CMW3000

    ETD Mobile Workstation (non-powered)

    Part Number: CMW3000

    DHS Accepted

  3. Shelf Keeper for Mobile Workstation (Qty 2)

    Shelf Keeper for Mobile Workstation (Qty 2)

    Part Number: CMWB149

    DHS Accepted

  4. Checkpoint Screening Bin Cart | DSA Detection CBC4400

    Screening Bin Cart

    Part Number: CBC4400

    DHS Accepted

  5. Screening Bin | DSA Detection CSB3349

    Screening Bin

    Part Number: CSB3349

    DHS Accepted

  6. Screening Bin | Part Number CSBX3349

    Screening Bin w/ X-Ray Marker

    Part Number: CSBX3349

    DHS Approved

  7. Selectee Screening Bin | DSA Detection CSB1529

    Selectee Screening Bin

    Part Number: CSB1529

    DHS Accepted

  8. Screening Bin Rack | DSA Detection CSR5491

    Screening Bin Rack

    Part Number: CSR5491

    DHS Accepted

  9. Large Screening Bowl | DSA Detection CSB1809

    Large Screening Bowl

    Part Number: CSB1809-Speckled White

    DHS Accepted

  10. Jumbo Screening Bowl | DSA Detection CSB1810

    Jumbo Screening Bowl

    Part Number: CSB1810

    DHS Accepted

  11. Canned Air | DSA Detection CA7503

    Canned Air

    Part Number: CA7503

    DHS Approved

  12. Saturated Swabs (25ct) | DSA Detection SS7502

    Saturated Swabs (25ct)

    Part Number: SS7502

    DHS Approved

  13. Saturated Wipes | DSA Detection SW7501

    Saturated Wipes

    Part Number: SW7501

    DHS Approved

  14. Saturated Wipes (Air Shippable) | DSA Detection SW7501A

    Saturated Wipes (Air Shippable)

    Part Number: SW7501A

    DHS Approved

  15. Alcohol Pads | DSA Detection SW7507

    Alcohol Pads (50ct)

    Part Number: SW7507

    DHS Approved

  16. Large Cotton Gloves | DSA Detection GL7500

    Large Cotton Gloves

    Part Number: GL7500

    DHS Approved

  17. White Cotton Gloves | DSA Detection GL7501

    Small Cotton Gloves

    Part Number: GL7501

    DHS Approved

  18. Large Latex Gloves | DSA Detection CNG2093

    Large Disposable Gloves

    Part Number: CNG2093

  19. Medium Latex Gloves | DSA Detection CNG2092

    Medium Disposable Gloves

    Part Number: CNG2092

  20. Isopropyl Alcohol 70%, 16 oz | DSA Detection IA0002

    Isopropyl Alcohol 70%, 16 oz

    Part Number: IA0002

    DHS Accepted

  21. Isopropyl Alcohol 70%, 32 oz

    Isopropyl Alcohol 70%, 32 oz

    Part Number: IA0003

    DHS Accepted

  22. Bottle Sprayer | DSA Detection BT6494

    Bottle Sprayer, Isopropyl 32oz

    Part Number: BT6494

    DHS Accepted

  23. Spray Bottle, 16oz | DSA Detection SB1686

    Spray Bottle, 16oz

    Part Number: SB1686

    DHS Accepted

  24. Cotton Swabs (100ct) | DSA Detection CS0016

    Cotton Swabs (100ct)

    Part Number: CS0016

    DHS Accepted

  25. Disposable Shoe Covers (50 pair) | DSA Detection CSC4600

    Disposable Shoe Covers (50 pair)

    Part Number: CSC4600

    DHS Accepted

  26. Distilled Water | DSA Detection DW0003

    Distilled Water

    Part Number: DW0003

    DHS Accepted

  27. Eye Wash Station, 32 oz | DSA Detection EW0001

    Eye Wash Station, 32 oz

    Part Number: EW0001

    DHS Accepted

  28. Eye Wash Station Refill, 32 oz | DSA Detection EW0002

    Eye Wash Station Refill, 32 oz

    Part Number: EW0002

    DHS Accepted

  29. Privacy Sheet, 2 Ply Tissue, 40" x 48" | DSA Detection PS0001

    Privacy Sheet, 2 Ply Tissue, 40" x 48"

    Part Number: PS0001

    DHS Accepted

  30. Privacy Sheet,3 Ply Tissue, 40" x 72" | DSA Detection PS0002

    Privacy Sheet, 3 Ply Tissue, 40" x 72"

    Part Number: PS0002

    DHS Accepted

  31. Bottle Label Sticker

    Bottle Label Sticker

    Part Number: CBL1920

    DHS Accepted

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