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We offer a wide range of inert explosives that act as IED training aids for checkpoint security officers. Our inert explosives were designed to be detected by X-ray machines at security checkpoints as if they were real threats. Our selection of inert explosives includes various types of dynamite, homemade explosives, high explosives, low explosives, and pipe bombs. Our inert explosives are available individually below or as part of a complete IED training kit.

  1. Inert PE-4, Long

    Inert PE-4, Long

    Part Number: TSK1300

  2. Inert PE-4, Short

    Inert PE-4, Short

    Part Number: TSK1400

  3. Inert Pentolite Cast Booster

    Inert Pentolite Cast Booster

    Part Number: TSK1500

  4. Inert El-Blasto Dynamite

    Inert El-Blasto Dynamite

    Part Number: TSK1600

  5. Inert Nitro Dynamite

    Inert Nitro Dynamite

    Part Number: TSK1700

  6. Inert Dynamite, Military M1

    Inert Dynamite, Military M1

    Part Number: TSK1800

  7. Inert Ammonium Dynamite

    Inert Ammonium Dynamite

    Part Number: TSK1900

  8. TSK8050 Emulsion (1lb)

    Inert Emulsion (1lb)

    Part Number: TSK8050

  1. TSK8085 Inert ANAl(1lb)

    Inert ANAl(1lb)

    Part Number: TSK8085

  2. Inert HMTD (1lb)

    Inert HMTD (1lb)

    Part Number: TSK9060

  3. TSK9070 Inert TATP (1Lb)

    Inert TATP (1Lb)

    Part Number: TSK9070

  4. Inert Nitromethane Simulant

    Inert Nitromethane (1L)

    Part Number: TSK9080

  5. Inert Liquid Peroxide

    Inert Liquid Peroxide

    Part Number: TSK9090

  1. Inert Semtex H Assembly | DSA Detection TSK2100

    Inert Semtex H Assembly

    Part Number: TSK2100

  2. Inert Plastic Explosive Assembly | DSA Detection TSK2300

    Inert Plastic Explosive Assembly

    Part Number: TSK2300

  3. Inert Detonation Cord, 6ft

    Inert Detonation Cord, 6ft

    Part Number: TSK4100

  4. Inert TNT Block (0.5lb)

    Inert TNT Block (0.5lb)

    Part Number: TSK4201

  5. Inert TNT Block (1lb)

    Inert TNT Block (1lb)

    Part Number: TSK4202

  6. Inert Explosive TNT Cast Simulant

    Inert Cast TNT Assembly

    Part Number: TSK4200

  7. Inert Explosive Semtex 1A Simulant

    Inert Semtex 1A Assembly

    Part Number: TSK4500

  8. Inert Explosive Semtex 10 Simulant

    Inert Semtex 10 Assembly

    Part Number: TSK4600

  9. Inert Flake TNT | Explosives Training Aid | DSA Detection Part Number TSK8000

    Inert Flake TNT

    Part Number: TSK8000

  10. Inert ANFO (1lb)

    Inert ANFO (1lb)

    Part Number: TSK8020

  11. Inert Sheet (10.5x12.5) 0.72kg

    Inert Sheet (10.5x12.5) 0.72kg

    Part Number: TSK8040

  12. Inert RDX | Explosive Training Aid

    Inert RDX (1lb)

    Part Number: TSK9095

  13. Inert PETN (1lb)

    Inert PETN (1lb)

    Part Number: TSK9099

  1. Inert Ammonium Nitrate (50lb) | DSA Detection TSK8015

    Inert Ammonium Nitrate (50 lb.)

    Part Number: TSK8015

  2. Inert Ammonium Nitrate (1lb)

    Inert Ammonium Nitrate (1lb)

    Part Number: TSK8010

  3. Inert Smokeless Powder

    Inert Smokeless Powder

    Part Number: TSK3300

  4. Inert Black Powder

    Inert Black Powder

    Part Number: TSK3400

  5. Inert Time Fuse, 6ft

    Inert Time Fuse, 6ft

    Part Number: TSK3500

  6. inert explosive hobby fuse simulant

    Inert Hobby Fuse, 3ft

    Part Number: TSK3600

  1. Inert explosive frag sleeve velcro nails

    Inert Frag Sleeve

    Part Number: TSK3200

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