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DSA Threat Products

The widespread use of explosives and improvised explosive devices by terrorist groups has forced screening technologies to keep pace with the ever-increasing variety of threats. These new tools used as layers of security are only as efficient as the security screeners’ training and the accuracy of the training aids used to teach threat recognition. The growing range of threats and the security response that follows compel all of us to continuously modify and update our training, training aids, and security protocols to protect life and infrastructure.

When training security personnel to perform manual searches and to operate screening equipment, the most realistic training aids available must be used – aids that cause screening instruments to alarm. Training aids that loosely approximate real threats are not good enough when lives are at stake. The actual real explosives cannot be used in training due to the severe safety and logistics issues. Safe, realistic training aids are needed to imprint correct information into the minds of those being trained. They must appear identical to (appearance, color) and tactilely feel (texture, malleability, density) like real threats.

Training with photographs or X-ray images alone is not enough. Security personnel must be trained with accurate devices in hand, built from realistic explosive simulants in order to then accurately and efficiently detect threats in the field.

DSA Detection’s Inert Explosive Simulants and Training Aids are non-hazardous replicas used for threat detection training and security equipment testing. They are used throughout the world by airports, cargo/mail businesses, law enforcement, police, military, bomb technicians, and other security organizations. DSA’s simulants exactly replicate critical features of threats, including density, effective atomic number (Zeff), color, and texture.

The following points are ones to consider when selecting training aids:

  1. Provide a realistic training experience
  2. It is a fact that students learn more by having a hands-on training experience. Students need to examine and touch the simulated threats for a more memorable and lasting learning experience. Hands-on learning means one is more capable of finding the threat at a checkpoint.

  3. Penetration testing
  4. Penetration testing and training drills that use X-ray correct items ensure your covert tests are as realistic as possible, because these items will trigger alarms in X-ray, EDS, and Walk-through Metal Detectors (WTMD). This sort of testing identifies your security weaknesses and identifies the need for re-training to maintain a high level of security.

  5. Safe, non-hazardous, and realistic threat training aids
  6. Real explosive threats can be very hazardous and are extremely difficult to safe-guard. DSA simulants are durable, long-lasting, and completely safe. They do not require a safety data sheet (SDS).

  7. Screeners observe how threats look and interact when concealed
  8. DSA’s training aids help security personnel understand how simulated threats cause security screening instruments to respond when hidden in the confusing environment of a person’s bag. Explosives come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Some are solid, some are powders, and some are liquid. Explosives used by terrorists are difficult to identify because they are often concealed within everyday items. By using X-ray correct simulants, trainers are able to see how explosive threats are constructed and concealed. This will help your security staff understand the concealment of different items.

  9. Will trigger the automatic detection features on screening systems
  10. Almost all screening systems used today have the ability to automatically detect explosives. This is typically shown on the X-ray monitor by a red box surrounding the object of interest, highlighting what the operator should focus on. DSA’s X-ray correct explosive simulants respond in these systems just like the real explosives, displaying the correct color and causing the unit to generate a red box.

  11. Cost effective way to train your security staff
  12. DSA Detection’s training kits and devices are competitively priced and come in different configurations that allow you to pick a kit based on your specific security operation and the type of threat you are likely to encounter. No other company offers a more comprehensive line of training kits. DSA is happy to custom design a kit to fit your needs.

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