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The DSA Advantage

DSA Detection's single focus on explosive trace detection systems, IED training aids and unsurpassed customer service, combined with our willingness and flexibility to accommodate special needs makes us unique in the industry and are among the many reasons to make DSA your single source for all your checkpoint screening and security accessories.

  • Unsurpassed ETD/IED Expertise

    Drawing on more than 75 years of combined experience in the application of trace detection technology (including the operation, care and maintenance of trace instruments and the training of equipment operators), DSA can provide all the products and guidance you need to optimize efficiencies and maximize savings. DSA’s IED simulants are developed by Master EOD Technicians who have first-hand experience dealing with explosives and IEDs.

  • Product Guarantee

    DSA Detection guarantees its consumable products will not harm or in any way compromise the performance of an ETD instrument. Should it be proven by the instrument manufacturer that DSA’s product was the direct cause of any instrument to not perform to specification, DSA will reimburse the instrument owner for the full cost of repair. Since DSA Detection began operations in September 2005, this warranty has never been exercised. You can rely on DSA products.
  • Product Shelf Life

    DSA products are designed with an industry-leading, longest shelf life guarantee. Our consumable policy is the following:
    1. DSA ETD consumable products are warrantied for as long as the customer owns them.
    2. Use of the DSA product is as directed by the DHS/TSA protocol or the instrument manufacturer.
    3. Product must be stored at room temperature or in accordance with directions provided.
    4. The DSA manufacture date labeled on product is provided for stock rotation and usage purposes. (Use the oldest-dated product first.)
    5. Should you have any questions, please contact DSA Detection Customer Service at 1-978-975-3200.
  • TSA-Tested and Approved Consumables at Competitive Prices

    DSA guarantees product quality as high as or better than consumables made by detector manufacturers... and at very reasonable prices. All critical products have been tested and approved by the Department of Homeland Security's Transportation Security Laboratory, with other approvals pending.
  • Training

    DSA Detection provides the highest level of training on threat recognition for X-ray, walk-through and hand-held metal detectors. DSA offers operator-level training conducted by OEM-certified instructors, for example train-the-trainer courses. DSA's expert trainers also provide your staff in-depth training on identifying threats using the appropriate equipment (not provided by the instructor). All courses cover in-depth, hands-on training with DSA's Threat Screening Kits that are unmatched in their accuracy.
  • Verified Accurate Explosive Simulants

    DSA guarantees product quality that will perfectly match the actual threat they simulate, and at competitive prices. DSA's inert explosives are density and Zeff correct and will generate an automatic detection in all types of X-ray and computed tomography systems. Each simulant perfectly matches the explosive they are simulating visually, as well as the way they respond in screening systems (correct color, auto detection, etc). All critical products have been tested and verified to respond just like the real threat on all current security screening systems.
  • One-Stop Shopping Convenience

    DSA provides consumables for portable, desktop, and handheld instruments sold by the major trace detector manufacturers. No need to order from and coordinate delivery with multiple suppliers when DSA can provide all the products and guidance you need with one phone call or website visit.
  • Safety Act Designation

    The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has awarded the SAFETY Act Designation to DSA Detection, LLC - the first and only ETD consumables provider to earn this distinction. The approval comes as the result of an exhaustive application process by DHS, which assures that our verification and maintenance products meet the highest standards as deterrents to acts of terrorism. The benefits of the SAFETY Act Designation also extend to customers of DSA Detection. It insulates our customers and contracted partners in the airline industry from claims of damages associated with terror-related incidents. This protection from liability and limitation of risk adds significant value to the products and services we offer.
  • Private Customer Portal for Online Order Management

    Log on to your private, secure customer portal 24/7/365 to place or track an order from anywhere in the world. More than just an online ordering system, the customer portal contains your complete purchasing history, order and shipment tracking, reports and communication links.
  • No Minimum Order Quantities Required

    Eliminate waste and reduce storage costs by ordering products in just the quantities you need.
  • Global Distribution Network for Fast Delivery Anywhere in the World

    Our rock solid supply chain and distribution channel with offices in Boston, Beijing, Hong Kong, Sydney, Montreal, London, and Mexico City ensure that the critical products you need are no more than three days away from any point in the world. Orders received by 5:00PM Eastern Standard Time ship complete the same day.
  • Customized, Automatic Reporting

    The more you know, the better you can plan for your needs... and the better we can serve you. Our IT systems and database give us the ability to perform routine, personalized analyses of your usage trends and order history, as well as provide you with customized, monthly and summary reports that can be automatically emailed to you.
  • 24 Hour Customer Service + Saturday Shipping

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