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TIP Image Servicing

TIP Image Servicing

DSA creates complete threat image libraries unique to any type of security checkpoint and its screening systems. DSA’s X-ray correct simulants allow for total customization, whether the servicing is executed on an EDS/CT system at a checked baggage facility or on an X-ray system at a civilian entry checkpoint. DSA also services unique checkpoints, such as prisons and loss prevention.

DSA’s X-ray correct simulants and inert IED components allow us to create any and all image libraries with an exhaustive accuracy not currently found anywhere else in the world. Creating these images using each facility’s own instruments at their current settings further ensures the correlation to what the screeners will see when the threat present is real.

Example Threat Libraries

We can create over 30,000 unique IED configurations. These incorporate all of the various types of explosives and detonators used by modern terrorists and criminals
  1. Level 1 Upgrade | DSA Detection OTS1001

    Level 1 Upgrade

    Part Number: OTS1001

  2. Level 2 upgrade | DSA Detection OTS1002

    Level 2 Upgrade

    Part Number: OTS1002

  3. Level 3 Upgrade

    Level 3 Upgrade

    Part Number: OTS1003

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