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Mail Threats

Mail Threats

  1. Inert Mousetrap Pull Switch

    Inert Mousetrap Pull Switch

    Part Number: MTK1202

  2. Inert Clothespin Pull Switch

    Inert Clothespin Pull Switch

    Part Number: MTK1808

  3. Inert Chemical IED

    Inert Chemical IED

    Part Number: MTK2000

  4. Inert Anti Probe

    Inert Anti Probe

    Part Number: MTK2101

  5. Inert Barometric Pressure Switch

    Inert Barometric Pressure Switch

    Part Number: MTK2202

  1. Inert IED training aid mail device

    Inert Small Envelope, Razors

    Part Number: MTK1303

  2. Inert Wire Loop Switch

    Inert Wire Loop Switch

    Part Number: MTK1707

  3. Inert Wire Loop with Lead Sheet

    Inert Wire Loop with Lead Sheet

    Part Number: MTK1909

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