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Firing Circuits

Firing Circuits

  1. Inert Mousetrap Switch | DSA Detection Part Number ICK1100

    Inert Mousetrap Switch

    Part Number: ICK1100

  2. Inert Clothespin Switch | DSA Detection ICK1150

    Inert Clothespin Switch

    Part Number: ICK1150

  3. Inert Wireless Doorbell Firing Circuit | DSA Detection Part Number ICK2200

    Inert Wireless Doorbell

    Part Number: ICK2200

  4. Inert Magnetic Reed Switch | DSA Detection Part Number ICK3300

    Inert Magnetic Reed Switch

    Part Number: ICK3300

  5. Inert RCIED Cell Phone | DSA Detection ICK3350

    Inert RCIED Cell Phone

    Part Number: ICK3350

  6. Inert RCIED Radio | DSA Detection Part Number ICK4400

    Inert RCIED Radio

    Part Number: ICK4400

  7. Inert Long Range Cordless Telephone | DSA Detection Part Number ICK4450

    Inert LRCT

    Part Number: ICK4450

  8. Inert PIR Motion Sensor | DSA Detection Part Number ICK5500

    Inert PIR Motion Sensor

    Part Number: ICK5500

  9. Homemade Pressure Switch IED Circuit Training Aid

    Inert Homemade Pressure Switch

    Part Number: ICK5550

  10. Inert Digital Timer | DSA Detection Part Number ICK6650

    Inert Digital Timer

    Part Number: ICK6650

  11. Inert Ball Tilt Switch | DSA Detection Part Number ICK7700

    Inert Ball Tilt Switch

    Part Number: ICK7700

  12. Inert Electronic Time Delay | DSA Detection Part Number ICK7750

    Inert Electronic Time Delay

    Part Number: ICK7750

  13. Inert Mechanical Time Delay I | DSA Detection Part Number ICK8800

    Inert Mechanical Time Delay I

    Part Number: ICK8800

  14. Inert IED training aid with time delay firing circuit

    Inert Mechanical Time Delay II

    Part Number: ICK8850

  15. inert ied training aids homemade vibration

    Inert Homemade Vibration Switch

    Part Number: ICK9900

  16. Inert Mercury Tilt Switch | DSA Detection Part Number ICK9925

    Inert Mercury Tilt Switch

    Part Number: ICK9925

  17. inert ied training aids photocell

    Inert Light Sensitive Photocell

    Part Number: ICK9930

  18. inert ied training aids wire loop

    Inert Wire Loop Switch

    Part Number: ICK9935

  1. Inert Suicide Switch Assembly

    Inert Suicide Switch Assembly

    Part Number: TSK1111

  2. Inert Vibration Sensor Assembly

    Inert Vibration Sensor Assembly

    Part Number: TSK2400

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