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Concealed IED Devices

Concealed IED Devices

Many of the inert concealed devices we produce are simulants of actual devices people have tried to bring through security checkpoints. Hidden in unsuspicious objects, even the simplest IEDs can be overlooked by improperly trained security officers.

Using our inert concealed devices as training aids allows personnel to be trained to a more realistic standard. They are able to safely examine these objects, taking apart the components and looking at the way they are hidden, as well as view them in X-ray exactly as they would look in a real encounter (density, Zeff, and X-ray correct). They will also provide accurate gray-scale imaging in EODs’ and bomb technicians’ portable X-ray systems.

Due to fluctuating availability of commercial off the shelf (COTS) products, some concealed IED products may vary due to supply and demand at the time of order. Be assured DSA will always supply equal to or better quality products that meet the technical aspects required.

  1. Inert Stuffed Animal IED | DSA Detection CED0003

    Inert Stuffed Animal IED

    Part Number: CED0003

  2. Inert Childs Toy IED | DSA Detection CED0005

    Inert Child's Toy IED

    Part Number: CED0005

  3. Inert RCIED (Sheet) | DSA Detection CED0006

    Inert RCIED (Sheet)

    Part Number: CED0006

  4. Inert Home DVD Player IED | DSA Detection CED0009

    Inert Home DVD Player IED

    Part Number: CED0009

  5. Inert Baby Wipe Tub IED | DSA Detection CED0010

    Inert Baby Wipe Tub IED

    Part Number: CED0010

  6. Inert Boom Box IED | DSA Detection CED0012

    Inert Boom Box IED

    Part Number: CED0012

  7. Small Suitcase IED | DSA Detection CED0016

    Inert Small Suitcase IED

    Part Number: CED0016

  8. Inert EFP | DSA Detection TSK0024

    4" Shape Charge/ EFP Assembly

    Part Number: TSK0024

  9. Printer Cartridge IED | DSA Detection CED0028

    Inert Printer Cartridge IED

    Part Number: CED0028

  10. Inert Tire Air Pump IED | DSA Detection CED0044

    Inert Tire Air Pump IED

    Part Number: CED0044

  11. Inert Toothpaste Tube IED | DSA Detection CED0065

    Inert Toothpaste Tube IED

    Part Number: CED0065

  12. Inert Toy Car IED | DSA Detection CED0068

    Inert Toy Car IED

    Part Number: CED0068

  13. Inert Pressure Cooker IED | DSA Detection Part Number CED0076

    Inert Pressure Cooker IED

    Part Number: CED0076

  1. Duffle Bag IED | DSA Detection CED0017

    Inert Duffle Bag IED

    Part Number: CED0017

  2. Tennis Shoe IED | DSA Detection CED0019

    Inert Tennis Shoe IED

    Part Number: CED0019

  3. Hiking Shoe IED | DSA Detection CED0020

    Inert Hiking Shoe IED

    Part Number: CED0020

  4. Belt IED | DSA Detection CED0022

    Inert Belt IED

    Part Number: CED0022

  5. Knee Brace IED | DSA Detection CED0024

    Inert Knee Brace IED

    Part Number: CED0024

  6. Walking Cane IED | DSA Detection CED0033

    Inert Walking Cane IED

    Part Number: CED0033

  7. Inert Baseball Hat IED | DSA Detection CED0035

    Inert Baseball Hat IED

    Part Number: CED0035

  8. Inert Light Jacket IED | DSA Detection Part Number CED0037

    Inert Light Jacket IED

    Part Number: CED0037

  9. Inert Heavy Jacket IED | DSA Detection CED0038

    Inert Heavy Jacket IED

    Part Number: CED0038

  10. Inert Briefcase IED | DSA Detection Part Number CED0040

    Inert Briefcase IED

    Part Number: CED0040

  11. Inert Vest with Frag IED | DSA Detection Part Number CED0078

    Inert Vest with Frag IED

    Part Number: CED0078

  12. Inert Vest without Frag IED | DSA Detection CED0079

    Inert Vest without Frag IED

    Part Number: CED0079

  1. Inert Soda Can IED | DSA Detection TSK1103

    Inert Soda Can IED

    Part Number: TSK1103

  2. Inert Laptop IED (HMTD) | DSA Detection CED0002

    Inert Laptop IED (HMTD)

    Part Number: CED0002

  3. Inert RCIED (PETN)

    Inert RCIED (PETN)

    Part Number: CED0007

  4. Sandal Shoe IED | DSA Detection CED0021

    Inert Sandal Shoe IED

    Part Number: CED0021

  5. Inert Digital Camera IED | DSA Detection CED0046

    Inert Digital Camera IED

    Part Number: CED0046

  6. Inert Neck Pillow IED | DSA Detection CED0048

    Inert Neck Pillow IED

    Part Number: CED0048

  7. Inert Bottle of Wine IED | DSA Detection CED0049

    Inert Bottle of Wine IED

    Part Number: CED0049

  8. Inert Contact Lens Cleaner IED | DSA Detection CED0054

    Inert Contact Lens Cleaner IED

    Part Number: CED0054

  9. Inert Women's Purse IED | DSA Detection CED0066

    Inert Woman's Purse IED

    Part Number: CED0066

  10. Inert Legal Binder IED | DSA Detection CED0069

    Inert Zipper Binder IED

    Part Number: CED0069

  1. Inert Laptop IED | DSA Detection CED0001

    Inert Laptop IED (Sheet)

    Part Number: CED0001

  2. Inert Tablet IED | DSA Detection CED0004

    Inert Tablet IED

    Part Number: CED0004

  3. Inert Hair Dryer IED | DSA Detection Part Number CED0008

    Inert Hair Dryer IED

    Part Number: CED0008

  4. Inert Can Opener IED | DSA Detection CED0011

    Inert Can Opener IED

    Part Number: CED0011

  5. Inert Computer Bag IED | DSA Detection Part Number CED0013

    Inert Computer Bag IED

    Part Number: CED0013

  6. Inert Drill IED | DSA Detection CED0014

    Inert Drill IED

    Part Number: CED0014

  7. Water Hose IED | DSA Detection CED0018

    Inert Water Hose IED

    Part Number: CED0018

  8. Cordless Vacuum IED | DSA Detection CED0023

    Inert Cordless Vacuum IED

    Part Number: CED0023

  9. Portable CD Player IED | DSA Detection CED0029

    Inert Portable CD Player IED

    Part Number: CED0029

  10. Electric Screwdriver IED | DSA Detection CED0030

    Inert Electric Screwdriver IED

    Part Number: CED0030

  11. Radio IED | DSA Detection CED0031

    Inert Radio IED

    Part Number: CED0031

  12. Circular Saw IED | DSA Detection Part Number CED0032

    Inert Circular Saw IED

    Part Number: CED0032

  13. Inert Picnic Cooler IED | DSA Detection CED0036

    Inert Picnic Cooler IED

    Part Number: CED0036

  14. Inert Thermos IED | DSA Detection Part Number CED0039

    Inert Thermos IED

    Part Number: CED0039

  15. Inert Paperback Book IED | DSA Detection CED0041

    Inert Paperback Book IED

    Part Number: CED0041

  16. Inert Hardcover Book IED | DSA Detection CED0042

    Inert Hardcover Book IED

    Part Number: CED0042

  17. Inert Computer Power Cord IED | DSA Detection CED0043

    Inert Computer Power Cord IED

    Part Number: CED0043

  18. Inert Disposable Camera IED | DSA Detection CED0045

    Inert Disposable Camera IED

    Part Number: CED0045

  19. Inert Coffee Mug IED | DSA Detection CED0047

    Inert Coffee Mug IED

    Part Number: CED0047

  20. Inert Shower Bag IED | DSA Detection CED0052

    Inert Shower Bag IED

    Part Number: CED0052

  21. Inert Flashlight IED | DSA Detection Part Number CED0053

    Inert Flashlight IED

    Part Number: CED0053

  22. Inert Small Toolbox IED | DSA Detection Part Number CED0064

    Inert Small Toolbox IED

    Part Number: CED0064

  23. Inert Iron IED | DSA Detection CED0067

    Inert Iron IED

    Part Number: CED0067

  24. Inert Lotion IED | DSA Detection CED0071

    Inert Lotion IED

    Part Number: CED0071

  25. Inert Small Cooler IED | DSA Detection Part Number CED0072

    Inert Small Cooler IED

    Part Number: CED0072

  26. Inert Foot Powder Bottle IED | DSA Detection CED0073

    Inert Foot Powder Bottle IED

    Part Number: CED0073

  27. Inert Lunch Box IED | DSA Detection Part Number CED0077

    Inert Lunch Box IED

    Part Number: CED0077

  28. Inert Limpet Device IED | DSA Detection CED0080

    Inert Limpet Device IED

    Part Number: CED0080

  29. Inert Cell Phone Concealed IED | DSA Detection CED0081

    Inert Cell Phone Concealed IED

    Part Number: CED0081

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