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DSA Detection Trace Consumables

Explosives trace detection (ETD) technology has long been at the forefront in the fight against terrorism. Used by nuclear plant facilities since the early 1980’s and by the airline industry for baggage and passenger screening since 1996, ETD use is today an integral part of checkpoint and security screening for a wide range of applications.

DSA Detection’s founders possess a wealth of knowledge and experience pre-dating the use of ETD’s in the airline industry. They have carefully studied and redeveloped innovations through the years, producing the most superior trace detection consumables available.

Product Guarantee

DSA Detection guarantees its consumable products will not harm or in any way compromise the performance of an ETD instrument. Should it be proven by the instrument manufacturer that DSA’s product was the direct cause of any instrument to not perform to specification, DSA will reimburse the instrument owner for the full cost of repair. Since DSA Detection began operations in September 2005, this warranty has never been exercised. You can rely on DSA products.

Product Shelf Life

DSA products are designed with an industry-leading, longest shelf life guarantee. Our consumable policy is the following:

  1. DSA ETD consumable products are warrantied for as long as the customer owns them.
  2. Use of the DSA product is as directed by the DHS/TSA protocol or the instrument manufacturer.
  3. Product must be stored at room temperature or in accordance with directions provided.
  4. The DSA manufacture date labeled on product is provided for stock rotation and usage purposes. (Use the oldest-dated product first.)
  5. Should you have any questions, please contact DSA Detection Customer Service at 1-978-975-3200.


Simple and inexpensive compared to costly imaging systems, ETD instruments can be used alone as the primary means of explosives/narcotics detection as well as in combination with other detection technologies for alarm resolution, handling overflow, and relieving bottlenecks during peak periods of screening activity. DSA’s scale of operation allows for the passing along of savings to its customers, ensuring economical security management.

Superior Quality

DSA Detection manufactures and distributes its own brand of DHS-approved trace detection consumables used in the operation and maintenance of most ETD instruments commercially available. DSA’s consumables are developed and manufactured in clean-room like conditions, have the longest shelf life, and incorporate innovative, user-friendly features. We directly produce for and/or are licensed by most of the instrument manufacturers themselves. All products critical to trace levels of detection have been approved by the DHS - Transportation Security Laboratory. In addition, DSA voluntarily re-submits its “critical” consumables for re-testing quarterly throughout the year. In the eight years of this voluntary program, DSA has never failed a re-test.

Fast, Efficient, and User-Friendly

DSA guarantees all orders received by 5:00 EST (Boston) will ship that same day, complete, with no back orders. DSA’s knowledge and experience in trace detection supply makes DSA the reliable choice for critical checkpoint screening products.

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