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DSA Detection BPA Contents

BPA# HSTS05-15-A-OSO906
DSA Part# Product Name
DPK7727 Air Purification Kit, 500DT
SIB1333 APU Indicating Bottle, 2 Pack
SIB0879 APU Indicating Bottle, Single
SFK0279 Behind Bottle Cover and Filter
SFF3222 Behind Bottle Foam Filter
BF1702 Bumper Feet
CT1319P Calibration Traps (100ct)
CT1317P Calibration Traps (25ct)
CT1272P Calibration Traps, Dual (25ct)
DWD1004 Clearing Dropper
CS1831 Clearing Spray
SCT5030 Condenser Tube
DCK7658 Condenser Tube Kit with Gaskets (2ct)
BCS1020 Cotton Swabs (100ct)
ASV2919 CW/TIC Vapor Verific
SDR4020 Drierite™, LLAPU Refill
DM5019 Dryer Material 500g (Molecular Sieve)
D5810 E-Mode Dopant, Negative Ion
FF3214 Fan Filter
FK3033 Fan Filter Kit
BFF1015 Fan Filter Replacement, 5pk
FG7125 Fan Guard
SFG0280 Fan Guard, 4-Prong
SFK9230 Filter Kit
SFF1654 Foam Filter
FS2525 Fuse, 15A, 32V 3AG, for DC input
FS2500 Fuse, 250V AC 3.15A
FS2509 Fuse, 6.3A 110V
DSW1205P Hand Swab, Embossed (100ct)
DSW1210P Hand Swabs, Embossed (200ct)
SHW1340 Hand Wand
MK5061 Itemiser® 2 Maintenance Kit
SK5284 Itemiser® 3/DX Spare Parts Kit
MK5286 Itemiser® DX Maintenance Kit
LT0001 Leak Test Kit
SLL4086 LLAPU Indicating Bottle
SLK4599 LLAPU Indicating Bottle with Drierite™ Refill
STG1181 LLAPU Tank Gasket
MK5007 Membrane Kit
MS5226 Membrane Stick
FG4403 Mini-Fan Guard Assembly
D5087 N-Mode Dopant, Long Life Positive Ion
NK5282 Nozzle Screen Kit
OR1060 O-Ring Silicone .8125ID
OR1017 O-Ring Silicone .875ID
OR1102 O-Ring Silicone .989ID
OR1101 O-Ring Silicone 2-016 .614ID
OR1044 O-Ring Viton .614ID
OR1108 O-Ring Viton.176ID
TU8043 PTFE Tubing
FW9556 Sample Air Filter Rubber Washer
FE3224 Sample Filter and Purge Inlet Filter
SSR1223 Sample Ring (50ct)
ASW1791P Sample Swab (100ct)
DSW8055P Sample Swabs (200ct)
SSW5883P Sample Swabs (200ct)
DSW8066P Sample Swabs (400ct)
ST1269P Sample Traps (100ct)
ST1318P Sample Traps (100ct)
ST1316P Sample Traps (25ct)
ST1322P Sample Traps (300ct)
DHW0503 Sample Wand
DFS0505 Sample Wand Frame
DWS8944 Sampling Wand Velcro Shaper (10ct)
BSC1329 Sieve Canister (4-pack) with Filter
TU8047 Silastic Tubing
SF3001 Sintered Filter
SF3223 Sintered Filter Kit
SSD5278 Swab Sampler Disk (10ct)
SVH5038 Swab Sampler Velcro Hook (10ct)
BPP1010 Thermal Paper Roll, 112 mm
PP5060 Thermal Printer Paper
DVP1883 Verification Pen, Single
BSA1030 Verification Sample A - Negative
BSB1035 Verification Sample, B - Positive
SVT2602P Verification Tokens (100ct)
SVT2603P Verification Tokens (100ct), N-Mode
VT1336P Verification Traps (100ct)
VT1337P Verification Traps (25ct)

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